Teen Tech Week

Mar 04, 2014 Comments Off by

Hackerspace Charlotte will once again be participating in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library kick off event for Teen Tech Week  at Independence Regional Library from 3-5pm on Monday March 10th.  This is an opportunity to give high school kids a taste of technology.  In particular we want to show off things they might not encounter in school that might also spark some interest [...]

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Tesla Coil Build Night

Mar 03, 2014 Comments Off by

1880′s Called and they want their 21st Century Back! Your life was invented by Nikola Tesla in the late 1800′s. From electric power to radio communications, The TeslaCoil is the springhead of the modern age (or something). HSC is rebuilding a TeslaCoil for the millions of Charlotte visitors to Discovery Place. Come. Help. Learn.

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Make it take it workshop

Feb 25, 2014 Comments Off by

Hackerspace Charlotte in partnership with Discovery Place, has been leading a once a month MAKE IT TAKE IT workshop at Discovery Place.  In February we built time fountains.  While you can use telescopes to explore the really far away and microscopes to explore the really small, stroboscopic effect allow us to view the really fast.  [...]

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Game night – MAME talks

Feb 14, 2014 Comments Off by

Tonight at HSC we were reviewing the options to get the MAME machine up and running and future improvements.

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Robot Wednesdays – Come out 5Wed2014 to see a demonstration of the combat robots

Jan 30, 2014 Comments Off by

Some of our members who are also part of the Carolina Combat Robots are going to Motorama in a few weeks and will be demonstrating their combat bots this Wednesday. Come on out!

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Game night – ARTEMIS as well as MTG and board games

Jan 29, 2014 Comments Off by

We should have a quorum for a good ARTEMIS game this week so if you want to play come on out! We will be playing some magic the gathering and some settlers of Catan.

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Electronics night

Jan 14, 2014 Comments Off by

Lots of fun was had in the electronics class tonight as Red was giving a DipTrace overview and having people draw the circuit diagrams for the surface mount boards.

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Hacking at The Charlotte Hackerspace – overhauling the lathe/mill

Jan 11, 2014 Comments Off by

Hardik and Victor were working hard to overhaul the lathe / mill and keep it true today.

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Laser cutter has been calibrated and is in full production mode

Jan 10, 2014 Comments Off by

The hockey bot guys have been cutting parts on the newly calibrated laser cutter for their hockey bot class at Discovery place and the results are impressive for being able to cut many parts at once.

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Game Night – We are going to have some MTG, GTA5, and other board/ card games tonight. We are looking for some ARTEMIS people too.

Jan 10, 2014 Comments Off by

Come on out to the 18+ game night tonight. There will be some magic the gathering, cards against humanity and other fun games. We do have some requests for ARTEMIS as well if we can get a quorum on that.

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